Friday, December 14, 2018

Keep Students Safe During Winters

Winter safety is an important consideration for teachers and administrators at the school. They need to keep this in mind that children are not always aware of the precautions they should take during winter seasons. So they strive to work together and plan to keep youngsters safe during winters in school.

Kaintal prep - Best ICSE Prep Schools in Patiala ensures to follow the safety plans laid out for our school during winter time:

Early precaution:

The time to device a safety plan for winters is done long before we hit the winter weather. We take the time to think about the procedure we should put in place. Then we make sure that the staff, students and parents are aware of the policies that we will adopt by way of sending a newsletter at home with all students.

Access to winter information:

Weather condition plays an important part in winter school safety. We have access to accurate weather condition on daily basis. We have details on information whether weather condition will have winter storms, extreme cold, thunderstorms and if there is any possibility of rain.

Winter uniform:

We make sure that kids wear winter uniform as mentioned in our school prospectus. We advise parents to make them wear warm clothes so that the amount of time they are spending at school, they keep themselves warm throughout the day and can enjoy their winters.

Driving training to bus drivers:

We make sure that the bus drivers are provided with specialized training so that they keep themselves and the students they are transporting safely during winters.

School closing due to weather:

School winter safety plan also deals with school closing on a regular school day due to bad weather. We make sure to notify parents through an email or dropping a message to them.

The goal of Kaintal Prep the Best ICSE Schools in Patiala is to that every student's safety is adequately undertaken when the weather turns severe. Through beforehand preparedness only we assure the safety of our students and personnel.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Creativity is Intelligence

A child-centered approach encourages children to take learning on their own hands. Children take responsibility for making choices about what they will learn and explore. Teachers observe these interests of students and foster to create an appropriate curriculum for each individual. This method is also referred to as play based.

Kaintal Prep School - the best school in Patiala, is furnished with art and craft room along with dance and music room to give vent to kid’s creativity. It is a place where each could grow at their own pace by exploring their own interest. It is a very prominent method which is designed to promote the social, mental, physical and intellectual growth of children cognitively as well as conceptually.   

Creativity, art, and craft may boost young children ability to analyze and solve their problems in myriad ways. Kids feel good when they are creating art which instills self-confidence in them. Moreover, they feel free to experiment, make mistakes and invent new ways of thinking. Dance and music which is not independent of language is a way through which kids can express their feelings. Singing helps them to reduce their stress and explicit their feeling of joy and excitement. Dance helps them to develop spatial awareness and pay more attention to others sharing their space. 

Teachers here take an active role in guiding child’s interaction in these activities. Children are supported by our teachers who help them develop social skills such a sharing, cooperation, be responsible and resolving conflicts.

All of our programs at Kaintal prep school - best ICSE prep schools in Patiala are designed with a belief that children here take an active participation in their learning. Through joined effort, shared experiences and in-depth analysis of unique topics, children develop a rich understanding of the activities they undertake.  

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