Thursday, July 14, 2022

Help Your Child Maintain a Healthy Self-Esteem


When it comes to healthy child development, maintaining good self-esteem is considered one of the most important characteristics. Developing positive self-esteem in your child also works as a protective factor for the good social, mental and emotional health of a child. Moreover, it can also work as a buffer in some difficult phases of your life. So, it is obvious that cultivating self-esteem in your child is indeed necessary. There are some small as well as effective ways that can positively impact your child's self-esteem as suggested by Kaintal Prep, the best ICSE Prep School in Patiala.

How to Help Your Child Foster Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is all about appreciating your self-worth and importance, taking responsibility for your actions along with showing respect and care for others. Simply put, people with healthy self-esteem generally possess a positive outlook. It is proved that children with positive self-esteem are more enthusiastic, creative, friendly, and happier than other children those are with low self-esteem. Now you can understand how it is important to grow positive self-esteem in your child. 

So, as a parent make sure you put an effort to help your child grow healthy self-esteem by practicing the following effective ways:

  • Healthy Attachment: Developing positive self-esteem in your child can start as early as your child's birth. It is because the moment a child is born, he/she develops an attachment with you. Then it grows and develops day by day with your love and good care. When a child feels loved and valued, they become more self-confident. 

  • Focus on Your Child: It is important to show interest in your child's activities, listens carefully to what they tell to you, and take the role of a guide to solve their problems.  Most importantly, make sure you show your child lots of love and acceptance. 

  • Enforce Certain Rules: You must enforce clear rules according to your child's age and developmental stage. When you are restricted to do something, make sure you are also explaining the consequences of doing such things. This will help your child make their own decision.

  • Be a Role Model: Be an example for your child by showing them the true meaning and value of good manners. Show your child the rewards of patience, model how you accept challenges, etc.


Kaintal Prep, one of the top ICSE Prep Schools in Patiala always focuses on creating a safe, and healthy school environment where a child can feel comfortable secure, and happy and can develop positive self-esteem.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Five Fun Monsoon Activities for Your Kids


Monsoon activities carry great significance in the daily lives of your kids. As monsoon season is an integral part of the Indian weather, so is the monsoon fun. Monsoon is a refreshing break for the kids from the scorching heat and tiresome studies.

They can spend their hours on their will during the monsoon. Kaintal Prep School, one of the leading ICSE prep schools in Patiala, encourages its little students to participate in monsoon activities. 

  1. Splash of Fun

In monsoon, nothing is more fun and refreshing than water sports. As a parent, you can engage your kid in water-based activities. You can opt for the traditional way of sending your kids with proper monsoon gear outdoors to enjoy the rain. Also, you explore something new that will instantly catch your child's attention. 

  1. Pottery Making

Making clay models are fun yet tremendously soothing. It helps the children develop a sense of concentration. As a parent, you must involve your kid in this monsoon activity as pottery making improves hand-and-eye coordination in the best way. Kids can experiment with new shapes and explore whether their initiatives are fruitful. Children love to play with wet mud, which feels very tranquillising on the skin.

  1. Close to Nature

Being close to Nature is one of the best monsoon activities that you, as a parent, must imbibe into your kid. You can teach your child the basics of gardening and the importance of humidity and rain this monsoon. Take your kid to the nearby nursery where they can pick a plant of their choice and encourage them to take care of the plan daily with tips and suggestions. While watering the plants every morning, you can teach them about plant lives and creates a sense of responsibility in them. 

  1. DIY Projects

These adorable and ingenious crafts for kids are perfect for keeping children occupied during the rains or when you have a sick child at home who needs to be entertained. They can also select the ideal position to display it in their room (who doesn't love admiring their handiwork?) or spend hours playing with their new creation because they are practical and double as decorations or toys when they finish making it.

  1. Art & Craft

Art and craft are the best indoor fun activities for your kids in the monsoon. As a parent, you can send your kid to art school or watch craft videos with your child on YouTube and try making those at home. The quality time you spend with your kid while making art and craft works strengthens your bond.

To Conclude,

The refreshing monsoon activities at Kaintal prep, the best ICSE Prep School in Patiala keep the children cheerful and energetic throughout the day. The parents can opt for our suggestions for some of the best fun monsoon activities for their kids. 

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