Monday, July 29, 2019

Creative Arts and Children

Art, music, drama and dance have for ages provided people with a platform to express themselves. Such creative activities are even more important for young children as this nurtures the child’s imagination and stretches his mental capabilities.

Even though traditional subjects like science and mathematics are accorded more importance and creative arts are largely brushed off as worthless distractions. Kaintal Prep School, among the best ICSE schools in Patiala, believes it is time parents realized how valuable it can be to encourage children to explore themselves creatively. 

Here’s how promoting creative arts can be useful for your children: 

Helpful In Development Of Fine Motor Skills

By learning how to hold a brush properly and moving it across the canvas to form shapes and pattern while also maintaining a firm grip, children sharpen their handiness and other motor skills. 

Fosters Emotional Creativity 

Through dramatic arts and other outlets of creative expression like dance and art, children explore their emotions more deeply and learn to respond in diverse ways to situations and their environment. They learn the complexities of emotions and communicate their feelings more openly. This helps them in developing better social skills and relationships as well. 

Speeds Up Cognitive Development

 As Albert Einstein famously said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Creative arts are greatly instrumental in enhancing children’s language acquisition skills and reading comprehension. Musical training improves a child’s mathematical skills leading to better academic performance. Other skills like problem-solving also see improvement.

Reduces Stress 

Creative activities and exercises do not require rote-learning. There is no pressure to perform in obedience to set academic standards. Instead, a child is allowed to make free use of his imagination and smartness which provides a relaxed environment.

Increases Self-esteem In Children 

Creative arts are known to boost a child’s self-confidence since they allow free expression of ideas, originality and children’s individuality. They also learn how to accept criticism and praise. Consequently, they become more confident in their abilities.

Being among the top ICSE schools in Patiala, our belief is that for holistic growth structured development of children across physical, emotional, social and cognitive domains it is vital to promote and encourage children’s participation in creative arts.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Dealing with Disappointments

Success does not happen overnight. It takes everything you've got; the very foundations of it are laid on numerous failed attempts. But this is how you achieve it- trying over and again. One needs to work in a particular direction, with high intensity and persistence to achieve desired goals. It can be very challenging for the students to go on this journey of discovering a life full of ups and downs by themselves and are in dire need of a helping hand.

At Kaintal Prep School, the best ICSE prep School in Patiala, we teach our students how to solve these issues with the utmost practicality.

Here are some key points to be considered while explaining to students how to deal with defeats in life:

• Remembering the wise words of Javed Akhtar, "Why fear from anything in life, even if you gain nothing you'll at least be experienced." we need to teach the students that it is okay to fail sometimes as long as they gain experience and learn from it.

• Every day is a second chance at doing things with an altogether fresh perspective.

• ‘To each it’s own.’ Every child is unique and has his/her learning pace. There is a thin line between motivating and pressuring the student.

• Disappointment at one point in life no matter how huge it seems can be dealt with a calm and composure. Just as Johnny Depp said," it's only a bad day, not a bad life."

• Encourage the students to open up about their emotions and be able to talk it out.

By addressing these concerns to the students at such a young age, we can help them have a better understanding of the world. Kaintal Prep School ICSE affiliated schools in Patiala has always been very sensitive about the well-being of the mental health of the students.

Monday, July 1, 2019

The Benefits of Learning Phonetics

Phonetics is that branch of phonetics which studies physical properties of sounds of human speech. Despite being the most important area of a child’s education, phonetic lessons are the most ignored ones. Most of the people believe that they can naturally master the different sounds of human speech. But this is far from truth, you cannot master the art of phonetics on your own. We at Kaintal Prep School one of the best ICSE prep school in Patiala teach it to your children. If you still question the importance of phonetics, find out below why learning phonetics is important for you.

Improves Efficiency and Reading Skills

Phonetics help you improve your efficiency and reading skills by teaching you to associate and recognize the sound of letters in words you read. For this reason, it becomes imperative to add phonetics in the curriculum of school children.

Improves Fluency

Once a child is taught phonetics, he learns how to read the words accurately. A child not only reads quickly but also correctly. After learning phonetics, a child finds reading easy.

Improves Vocabulary

When a child learns phonetics, he learns the correct sound of each letter. When a child learns how to pronounce a word correctly he can understand the word too. This helps in improving his vocabulary on daily basis.

Improves Reading Comprehension

You cannot comprehend a word until and unless you understand it. Phonetics not only corrects the pronunciation of words but also provides you understanding of them. Reading comprehension is another benefit you can derive by learning phonetics


One of the most important benefit of learning phonetics is that it boosts your confidence. When you are aware that your pronunciation of words is correct you come out to be a confident individual. This confidence helps you in public speaking and cracking interviews.

So, next time you come across a word try reading it using phonetically and discover how you have been doing it wrong till now. We at a top ICSE school in Patiala let students flaunt their fabulous and fluent English among their friends and family by learning phonetics. 

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