Monday, February 17, 2020

Audiovisual Learning

Imparting education is an interactive activity. The multisensory audiovisual learning refers to the type of learning which emphasizes on the multisensory to make learning a much more interactive and wholesome experience. Whenever a lesson is coupled with audio and visual support, student engagement increases greatly. The idea is to provide learners with the ability to cognitively connect to the material being taught.

Particularly when dealing with toddlers, audiovisual learning helps them in grasping the concepts much faster and in a comprehensive manner. Kaintal Prep School, frequently listed among one of the best ICSE Prep Schools in Patiala, discusses the importance of audiovisual education in modern education.

Better Understanding

It is prominent in various scientific and psychological studies that the use of audiovisual aids in the classroom is greatly helpful for the students in developing an understanding of complex concepts. There are various technologies to enable audiovisual learning. The use of such devices ensures that the students grasp these concepts quickly and easily.

Educational Tutorials

Instructional video lectures should be included in the curriculum. This would not only facilitate the learning process but would also make it fun. These educational tutorials come with a manual and can be easily taught. After the tutorial, a session can be done to discuss the learned concepts to ensure better understanding.

Captivate Learning

Students react better to audiovisual aids as they are found to be more engaging and take a greater interest in the subject matter. It has far greater illustrative qualities for students than reading textbooks for the same information where there is a greater need for intense concentration due to which information retention is significantly decreased.

Kaintal Prep School, one of the most renowned preparatory schools in Patiala, suggests incorporating audiovisuals in the learning process and maintaining a balance between conventional learning and non-conventional methods. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Benefits of a Theme Based Classroom

Prep schools are the first step in a child's learning journey and we make sure that your kid starts this journey with fun, love, and care. Kaintal prep school, one of top ten schools in Patiala enables your child to pre-learning fun with theme-based classrooms.

A study has shown that kids react more to vibrant colors, paintings, and attractive things around them. Theme based classrooms are an effective way of teaching things to kids in a fun way where they don’t get bored from studies. Rather, they enjoy the learning process. The classroom environment must be healthy and positive for kids. Learning is a never-ending process, but it’s important to start the journey with creativity and fun. This is the most effective method for fresh minds. It is not possible for kids so little to understand the benefits of education, therefore it is vital that the way of teaching should interest toddlers.

Theme based classrooms for kids make a fun environment for teachers and as well as kids. The teacher gets confident when the kids are happy and interested in the class to know more. Themes classrooms will attract the kids and will entice their curiosity. Also, with these themes and bright colors, attractive furniture and wall paintings kids are more likely to retain things in their minds. Their developing minds are impressionable so they need to be nurtured in a proper way.

Themes are of many kinds and are dynamic. It's natural that any kid will at first observe the surroundings. Using different colors in classrooms, designing wall painting, organizing furniture in a creative manner and providing the kids with fun playing instruments through which they can learn too. This way, the learning experience is meaningful and as well as a fun way to make your child know more things and become an active listener.

We make your child early education enjoyable in Kaintal prep school, one of the leading preparatory schools in Patiala keeping in mind that this is the stage where your child needs more care and attention. 

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