Monday, September 28, 2020

Let the Creative Wings Soar


A creative mind will always strive to explore if it is restrained to the four walls of the room. Out-of-doors education is as essential as indoor education as our intellects automatically go on a shutdown mode when we follow the same routine every day. The monotony of everyday life makes us lethargic and negligence becomes constant.

Kids have a tendency to learn more by experiencing and the more they are out there in the wilderness the more they would be able to breathe creativity and feel the freedom to create by experiencing it on their own.  Kaintal Prep School, the best ICSE Prep schools in Patiala, believes in providing the best environment inside and outside the classrooms. They understand the fact that an environment brings productive changes in a child’s brain. A kid must step outside the restricted boundaries in order to make his own errors and his own discoveries.

Parents try hard to hold and control their kids but they often forget that stopping a child from doing something simply makes him more curious about the same thing. Children’s brain is a powerhouse that grows in response to the creative environment. Children tend to learn quickly when they go through unique experiences.

However, if we allow them to do things and be a part of it ourselves it will be a place full activity and they as well learn something other than restrictions. Rules are essential but they also need to be adjustable, so that there some places for creative air.

Our aim is to make students shine and attain the all-encompassing development of students. Being the best ICSE schools in Patiala provides the right combination of theoretical and practical learning to nurture both academic as well as creative skills of students.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Importance of Books in this Era

Books have been the real source of information from ancient times. But due to the evolution of technology and the internet, students aren’t aware of the fact that few things can only be learned from books.

Kaintal Prep School, the best ICSE Prep schools in Patialais here to educate students why reading books is an important part of learning and growing up.

Books are like magic portals that take us to a whole new world. From a fictional world of fantasy lands to history and wars, to stories of great men and women, and some that provide us information and knowledge on varied subjects, books help us grow psychologically and emotionally as well. They are like a storehouse that allows us to learn and explore new things.

No doubt, the internet can provide a lot more information, well updated, and with a much faster speed. However, books give us time to process the information we have read, learned, and understood. 

Books have always proved to be the most reliable source of information as compared to the internet. On the internet, you cannot be sure who posted a particular fact or whether it has been verified or not. Anyone can post anything on the internet. Do you know that even you can edit a Wikipedia page or contribute to it without any verification? Books have always been reviewed and verified by many before publishing. Even the internet has realized the power of books, that’s why e-books are being sold.

Books help us to remain more focused and improve our concentration as well. They don’t confuse us as we get to know far more information. We just have to turn to the next page rather than going through different web sources. Plus, reading books is a very constructive habit and is always relaxing, as it puts our mind and body at ease. There is always a mentor in the shape of the author of the book who shares his wisdom, knowledge, and experience through writing.

Being the best ICSE schools in Patiala, we believe the Internet and books both have their unique way of providing knowledge to us, and we always have a choice to make. So, try developing the habit of reading books apart from surfing through the internet to enrich your mind, critical thinking ability, and imagination.

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