Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Fun games to Help Children Learn

Preschools play a key role in early childhood development and help students to build a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. It is where kids learn to explore their senses, interact with peers, and start gaining valuable life lessons. Researchers have proved that toddlers learn better when they play. It not only improves their mental capacity but also enhances their motor skills. 

Kaintal Prep, one of the Best ICSE Prep Schools in Patiala brings you a list of games that will help in the growth and development of your child:


Jenga is a game of physical skills. Fine motor skills are all about small movements from our wrists, hands, and fingers. Jenga will not only test your fine motor skill but by playing it often, you can even train them. With practice, your fine motor dexterity can become so incredibly coordinated that you can dramatically improve your chances of not being the one to topple the tower.

Musical Chairs

This game helps teach kids to resolve arguments peacefully, deal with disappointment, and practice patience. Set chairs in a circle, one fewer than the number of children in the game, and then play music as kids walk around the circle. Every time the music stops, children must try to sit on a chair. Kids who don’t get a chair are out. Then remove a chair and begin again.

Freeze Dance

A classic game that’s not only fun but helps kids to develop self-regulation skills. Play a song; the kids have to “freeze” when the music is paused. Use a variety of musical styles and tempos to encourage different types of dance and movement.

Kaintal Prep, one of the best Preparatory Schools in Patiala hopes you find these games interesting enough to keep your toddler engaged.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Get your Kids to Cook

The perfect way to get your kids to eat right during this quarantine hour is to get them into the kitchen to prepare healthy meals together. Cooking is a valuable life skill that teaches children about nutrition and food hygiene and safety. Kaintal Prep School, ICSE prep school in Patiala, believes that teaching cooking to children helps them build motor skills and sharpens their math and science. Evoke your child’s interest in healthy foods by teaching them how to cook safely applying the following tips. 

 Basic guidelines for children and adults before they enter the kitchen: 

-Wash hands in warm, soapy water before and after cooking.
-Tie up long hair into a ponytail or a bun.
-Clean and sanitize the countertops and working surfaces.
-Teach your children to wait until the food is ready for tasting. 

Basic guidelines for children and adults while cooking:

 For 3-5-year-olds

Young children feel motivated when they can help adults around in petty day-to-day tasks whether in the kitchen or outside the kitchen.

 -Encourage your kid to help wash the produce and help him learn the importance and precautions while doing so. 
 -Get your kid to mix ingredients like easy-to-mix batter or mixtures. 
 -Make your kids cut cookies with fun shaped cookie cutters.


As most 6-7-year-olds have already developed the necessary motor skills so they are capable of more detailed work. Provide them with the necessary safety reminders. Teach them to do the following:

 -How to use a peeler to peel raw vegetables and fruits. 
 -How to load the dishwasher.
 -Break the eggs and whisk them.

Cooking together can be a fun activity for you and your kid. Kaintal Prep School, listed among the best ICSE prep schools in Patiala, suggests cooking together helps strengthen the bond between you and your children and helps them inculcate a life long habit which is the basic need of our life. 

Source: eatright.org

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