Monday, May 25, 2020

Raise a Reader in Your Kid During COVID-19

Isn’t it true that the more we read, the more things we will know? In times when you are all home, making your toddler learn new things seems like a challenging task. Sometimes he/she just never seems to pay attention and you just need to sing, dance or act out a story to get him/ her interested that will automatically capture your child’s attention. Kaintal Prep School, ICSE prep school in Patiala, suggests you to inculcate a habit of reading in your child while they are young.

Start reading to your child

It’s never to early to start reading to your child. Your child love's to listen to you when you talk, sing or just read aloud from the moment he's born.

Read regularly to your child 

Make reading to your child a part of his/her daily routine. Ending their day time with a bedtime story can help your child relax. But it’s not necessary to wait till bedtime if your child wants to listen to a story. 

Mimic and express

Reading without any expression can seem boring to your child and would not evoke interest. Try to be as expressive as possible and try using different sounds and voices imitating different characters in the story to engage your child.

Let your child lead the story

Allow your child to lead the story by pausing a little and asking your child what will happen next. This will ignite curiosity and imagination in your child’s mind and will make him think creatively.

It’s time to walk the talk

“Practice before you preach”- this quote goes without saying. Be a reader yourself first in order to inculcate a habit of reading in your child. Try reading your morning newspaper in front of your child or maybe just your favourite magazine. The basic aim is to just let your child see you read.

Kaintal Prep School, listed among the best schools in Patiala, believes that starting to read to your toddler is the perfect way to teach them to be not only a good listener but also evoke creativity inside your child while he/she is busy grasping all the information.


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Healthy Parenting Tips during COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has led to the disruption in the lives of millions of people all around the globe, including children going to schools. Fear and uncertainty due to this pandemic have made it difficult to keep a sense of calmness, healthy routines, managing behaviors, and building resilience.

Here are six healthy parenting tips by Kaintal Prep School, preparatory schools in Patiala that would help you and your family to embrace through this unprecedented time.

1. Spend quality time together
Setting time aside and spending quality time together with your children is crucial in this time as children need more attention than they are heard and can express their emotions or feelings related to the current crisis and school programs.

2. Positive language and behavior
It is crucial to communicate with your child by using positive language and maintaining a positive attitude in front of your children. In addition, avoid shouting or yelling in the absence of your child as it could lead to a rise in negative emotions and feelings.

3. Keeping a routine by structuring a day
Set a new schedule or routine both for you and your child that includes playtime, family time, spending time individually, or studying. This would help them in living a disciplined life and make sure to include healthy exercise or physical activity too in a daily schedule.

4. Manage and deal with bad behaviors
As a parent, you need to understand and respond proactively to your child’s bad behavior and should never warn them about the consequences. It is always a good idea to stay calm in that situation and praise your child by giving them the chance to do something good.

5. Manage stress
Take time for yourself to manage stress by practicing yoga and meditation, or even if it is a tea or coffee break. It is essential to listen to your children and be open about their views and opinions as they would look for your support and as a parent, it is your duty to provide them comfort and accept how they feel.

6. Discussing COVID-19
Your children might have heard a word or two about coronavirus. So, it is better if we talk and discuss openly about COVID-19 by guiding them about preventive measures. Also, it would help in building trust and healthy relationships.

Kaintal Prep School, ICSE Prep School in Patiala, recommends parents to interact constructively and check on your child if they need any support or help.


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