Monday, May 20, 2019

Classroom Collaboration Activities For Toddlers

Collaboration in the classroom helps students to think more deeply and creatively about a subject and develop more empathy for others' perspectives. While working in a group students develop the skills of teamwork and cooperation. 

Kaintal Prep School one of the best ICSE Prep schools in Patiala gives you an insight into some of the collaborative classroom activities:

• Playing Games

Preschool’s fun games are where students explore a relevant aspect of games in a learning context and are an important part in developing life skills in them. Games inculcate skills such as problem-solving, thinking skills, teamwork and make children critical thinkers.

• Storytelling

Storytelling is an excellent way to inculcate language skills in a child. It inculcates curiosity among them and they build strong emotions among the kids. Collaboration in storytelling is when you show a child a picture and ask them to build a story around it and other children incorporate their inputs and complete it. 

• Collaborative Conversation

This means giving each and every student a chance to participate in the discussions. Here the student having the best speaking skills is not kept in the spotlight but rather all the students are given an equivalent chance. 

• Pairing Partners

Pairing children among groups of two where children work on a project or exchange ideas with each other. With pairing activities such as role, plays can also be given to the students where they learn to speak in different situations. 

• Matching and Sorting 

Children work on a task and encourage the use of the vocabulary, and at the same time encourage the use of the language of making suggestions, justifying opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, etc. This is done through use of flashcards can be used for matching, sorting or ranking.

It is important to inculcate collaboration among children at an early stage as they will need them in the future this is why Kaintal Prep School, preparatory schools in Patiala encourages collaborative learning. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Importance of Sharing at A Young Age

Learning to share is necessary but at the same time can be a challenging skill to incorporate in young children. You must have seen a lot of kids who aren’t very comfortable with sharing their stuff with others. Sometimes you see such behavior in adults as well, which makes it very difficult to deal with them.

This trait is picked by children when they see the adults around them sharing their stuff with others. When they witness sharing skills, they get the opportunity to put them into action.
As one of the top Patiala ICSE schools, teachers at the Kaintal Prep School, make sure students learn the importance of sharing at the early stage of their life. 

These are a few tips which can encourage your child to become more selfless:

Talk to Them About Sharing:

It is essential that you make your child aware of the benefits of sharing. Tell them that when they start sharing things with others, they turn out to be more kind and compassionate adults than the ones who don't. Start small by teaching them "turns" while you play with them.

Point Out at Other Kids When You See them Share: 

When you are outside playing with your child, and you see some random kid sharing his stuff, point it out to your child. It is vital that they learn from other kids.

Praise Your Child:

If you see your child lending his toys to others, appreciate his behavior. It will encourage him to share his things in the future as well.

Tell Your Child to Share His Toys:

Ask your child that he needs to share his toys with his friends before they come home for a visit or a playdate. Do not force your child to share his things if he doesn’t want to. Sometimes toys become an important part of a child’s life. Separating it from your child would make him upset and discourage him from playing with others.

Deemed as one of the best ICSE affiliated schools inPatiala, we at Kaintal Prep School, make sure our students inculcate such values for their holistic development right from the time they enter the school premises.

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