Wednesday, December 22, 2021

8 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Better

One of the most vital aspects of remaining in good health is having a good night's sleep. Without proper rest, lethargy throughout the day is not absurd. However, sleeping problems are a common occurrence for not only adults but kids too. It is vital that your child gets to sleep and stays asleep for the rest of the night. You know you can't rest when they are anxious. At Kaintal Preparatory School, the leading ICSE Prep School in Patiala, we encourage students to have a good rest. 

Tips to help kids sleep better

There are several tips to assist children in sleeping better. Take a look below –

Establish a bedtime routine

Firstly, you need to set up a bedtime routine that you need to follow every day. The routine can comprise of a bath, a story, and then going to bed for sleeping. You can also engage in some light chat about the day before encouraging them to go to sleep. 

Set up a wake-up time

After setting up the bedtime routine, you need to establish the wake-up time. Here, calculate the time your child goes to sleep and the amount of rest they need to function properly the next day. Setting the wake-up time will cause less stress to prepare for the next day.

Spend some together before bedtime

One of the reasons children fail to sleep is their need to spend some time with their parents. It mainly occurs in families that have working parents. It is natural for a kid to vie for their parent's attention. In that case, you need to dedicate a few minutes before bed with your child. During this time, ask them about the day.

Relaxation before bedtime

It is vital that the pre-bedtime activities are not stressful. Instead, you need to make sure that the children feel calm and relaxed. For that, avoid watching scary shows that spikes up their stress level.
Make your kids feel safe.

One of the most vital tips that you need to consider is safety. Your kids must feel safe at night in order to sleep without any disruption. If they feel scared of the dark, turn on a lampshade or use dim bulbs to enlighten the room a little bit. 

Maintain consistency

Consistency is an essential factor if you want kids to have a good sleep. Do not change the routine or include new things every day. That becomes confusing for the kids to follow. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the routine is relaxing and soothing. 

Turn off electronic screens

Using electronic screens before bed is a bad idea. The light from the screen aids in stimulating the brain, thus inhibiting the production of serotonin and melatonin. That is why you need to shut them down at least two hours before bedtime. 

These are some tips you can use to help kids sleep better. That way, you can help them remain energized the next day at school. At Kaintal Preparatory School, one of the best Preparatory Schools in Patiala, we focus on implementing the importance of good sleep. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Importance of Discipline in the Life of a Student


Discipline is one of the most crucial behaviors that can help you gain success in life. With the ever-increasing distractions occurring around, it becomes difficult for a student to remain focused. In a student's life, discipline means following the rules and guidelines to maintain orderliness. It is vital to maintain and follow discipline to be more productive.

School is one of the places that teach discipline to students. This early integration of systematic orderliness will help students navigate life with ease. At Kaintal Prep School, we focus on instilling the value of discipline in the early stages of a student.

Benefits of discipline in a student's life

There are numerous advantages that a student can gain from the following discipline. At the best ICSE Prep School in Patiala, we instill discipline in students.

·        Improve focus

One of the most vital facets of discipline is focus. When you are disciplined, you remain focused. With focus, you can complete your goals on time. That will help you to achieve more milestones. If you are not disciplined, you will find it difficult to concentrate on your studies.

·        Better time management

Following discipline can aid in excellent time management for students. For example – if you complete the homework or assignment with focus, it is possible to complete it on time. Here, you can solve the issue of time wastage. Being undisciplined will lead to being distracted, which will cause wastage of time.

·        Lack of stress

With discipline, students can complete their studies and enjoy their personal lives with ease. If you know that there is no pending work, you can be relaxed and happy. As a result, you can lead a stress-free life. Making sure that you follow a well-structured plan will prevent you from feeling panic and anxiety.

·        Development of confidence

Another thing that you can gain from discipline is a positive attitude. This will, in turn, build confidence in students. With confidence, it becomes easy to remain active in different aspects.

·        Building character

A student following discipline rigidly can build a strong character. This will help them to navigate life beyond their academic career. Moreover, the discipline also helps in keeping a student motivated. This helps them deal with the difficulties that come with being a student. It is vital to keep the spirit alive without feeling stressed or depressed.

·        Development of self-control

Discipline indeed helps to build self-control. As a student, harnessing the power of self-control is extremely important. For instance, you might not like how a teacher or older person speaks to you. Here, you need to excise sell-control and stay silent or answer politely.

These are the advantages that students can get from being disciplined. To set on the path of success, students must cultivate different life skills like discipline. Without it, chaos and disruption can make your academic career unstable. Kaintal Prep School, one of the leading ICSE affiliated schools in Patiala, will help in this. 

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